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Now is the time...
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Confident - Healthy - Empowered
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 This challenge is about getting healthy, losing weight, and feeling great...
But it's also about A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN THAT.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of examples of how this challenge has helped people to actually LIVE better: 
Who Are We Looking For? 
You do NOT need to be in good shape to start! This challenge is designed for beginners and those that want to return to a healthy lifestyle!
  • Must be 100% COMMITTED to making a change. The only way this challenge works for you is if you set aside excuses and commit to taking action.
  • Must have a great attitude and be open-minded. You'll be stepping out of your comfort zone a little bit in order to finally break through and get the results you want.
  • Must commit to the entire 4-week program. The first week of this challenge will test you both mentally and physically. We need people that will see it through to the end 
  • Must have self-discipline. Application of the nutrition plan is CRUCIAL to your success. It's been tested & proven... but you MUST follow it for this challenge to work!
  • Must be willing to leave ego at the door. This challenge is about hard work, discipline, and results. Stay humble, follow the plan, and it will work for you.
  • Must be willing to accept that your body will change. You will lose body fat, experience a noticeable increase in energy, and have a new "pep in your step." People will notice. Be prepared for that.

What you can expect from the 4 Week Fit Body Challenge:
Group Fitness Classes
Learn to safely work out using our functional fitness methods - widely known as the most efficient exercises for burning fat & getting results FAST.
Your personal coach will answer all of your questions and make sure you stay motivated & on track!
Meal Plans & Grocery Lists
Eliminate the guesswork. We'll provide done-for-you meal plans for all 4 weeks, plus a complete grocery list for your convenience.
Work out with others that have similar goals & challenges. This is the most powerful component of the 4 Week Fit Body Challenge.
Body Composition Testing
Before & after body scans to accurately determine changes in body fat % and muscle mass during the challenge.
Money Back Guarantee
Now it's risk-free! Complete the entire program, and if you're unhappy, we'll give you your money back. Period.
  • You're a complete beginner to fitness & proper nutrition.
  • You used to be in pretty good shape, but have lost your way.
  • You're confused by all the "diet fads" out there and need some nutrition answers from a professional.
  • You're too busy to figure out what to eat on your own and would benefit from a nutrition coach & complete done-for-you meal plan.
  • You could use a boost in energy and confidence.
You get to try the challenge RISK FREE!
If you complete the challenge and don't see results, we'll refund your money NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Make sure to act FAST in order to RESERVE YOUR SPOT before the next challenge fills up!

*Results may vary from person to person.

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